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Wildfire Mitigation within QCP

From the West Region Wildfire Council:

The Quartz Creek Community has taken a proactive role in preventing loss of life and property due to a catastrophic wildfire since it was recognized as having extreme risk in the Gunnison County Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The Quartz Creek Property Owners Association has partnered with West Region Wildfire Council and Colorado State Forest Service to secure 100% grant funding to complete a forest fuel break to help protect homes from wildfire.

Over the past several months, we’ve reached out to landowners in the priority treatment area to seek their participation in the project. For a timeline, specific project information, and contact information, please see the Quartz Creek page on our website at www.COwildfire.org/Quartz_Creek.

If you have not heard from us you can still participate in our cost share program intended to assist property owners in high wildfire-risk communities with wildfire mitigation; see information for our cost share program at www.COwildfire.org.

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