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Gunnison Recycling Center, Pitkin Recycling – click here for link to map

The QCPOA Board is encouraging recycling as one way to reduce our dumpster cost for the year.

Gunnison County has a Recycling Center at the Public Works site at 195 Basin Park Drive, south of the airport.  Turn south on W. Airport Road and drive around the west end of the runway.  Turn south on Basin Park Drive is just past the FedEx facility.  The Center suggests exiting to the east which puts you back on W. Airport Road.  Click on the address to see the location on Google Maps.  Here is a hand-drawn map to the Center.

The Center is clean, well lit, and allows you to drop off 24 hours per day 7 days a week. They encourage you to recycle corrugated cardboard, newspaper and magazines, office paper, brown/green/clear glass, aluminum beverage containers, #1 and #2 plastics and tin cans. If you have questions or would like more information, please call Public Works at 641-0044.

The Pitkin Green Team is a new business to help you recycle in Pitkin.

Contact Becka if you have any questions or revisions.