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Gunnison County COVID 19 Info

Gunnison County posts updated Public Health Orders on the COVID19 status here: https://covid19.gunnisoncounty.org/. NOTE: The 10th Public Health Order has been published. See the county [...]
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2019 Financials

The financial statements for 2019 are posted on the Financials page.

Bruce Councilman Notice

Bruce Councilman died April 26,2020. He and wife Kitty were long time residents at the upper corner of the 4-way. Bruce died of lung cancer from Agent Orange from his time in Vietnam . He was [...]
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THANK YOU, water treatment plant workers – click here for link to details

Our water treatment plant was inspected by the State of Colorado in mid-August.  They were very impressed with the results of our project.  A big thank you to the members who contributed [...]
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