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Board Meeting – July 3, 2020   View PDF file »
Gunnison County COVID 19 Info  

Gunnison County posts updated Public Health Orders on the COVID19 status here: https://covid19.gunnisoncounty.org/.

NOTE: The 10th Public Health Order has been published. See the county website for details.

Gunnison County remains in the Blue status which has requirements for social distancing, group size and mask wearing.

2021 Annual Meeting – July 2  

The 2021 annual member meeting is scheduled for 1:30 pm on Friday, July 2.

Quartzite Newsletter Spring/Summer 2020   View PDF file »
2019 Financials  

The financial statements for 2019 are posted on the Financials page.

2019 Profit and Loss   View PDF file »
2019 Balance Sheet   View PDF file »
Bruce Councilman Notice  

Bruce Councilman died April 26,2020. He and wife Kitty were long time residents at the upper corner of the 4-way. Bruce died of lung cancer from Agent Orange from his time in Vietnam . He was an active owner serving as Road Chair and he always showed up for “work days”. He will be truly missed.

THANK YOU water treatment plant workers   View PDF file »
THANK YOU, water treatment plant workers – click here for link to details  

Our water treatment plant was inspected by the State of Colorado in mid-August.  They were very impressed with the results of our project.  A big thank you to the members who contributed so much of their time and expertise from the initial research to the final State report.  More details are in the thank you letter in the Springs and Water section on the Documents page.

Lawana Langston

President, QCPOA

2019 Annual Meeting   View PDF file »
2018 Profit and Loss   View PDF file »
2018 Balance Sheet   View PDF file »
Water Treatment Plant  
Quartzite Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019   View PDF file »
Collection Policy, 2015 update   View PDF file »
CountyRegsVcovenants   View PDF file »
Amendments to Conditions for Chicago Park-Quartz Creek Properties   View PDF file »
Last of the Aspen Season  
First treated water through the plant  
Water treatment – August 29  
Stump Removal Work  
Arnie McQueary’s memorial bench  
Board Meeting – August 10, 2018   View PDF file »
Water treatment plant exterior completed  
2018 Annual Meeting   View PDF file »
Owners at Work – July 12, 2018  
Board Meeting – July 2, 2018   View PDF file »
Water Project Concrete Work – July 3  
Water Project ready to pour – July 1  
Water Project Progress – June 29  
Board Meeting – June 8, 2018   View PDF file »
Quartzite Newsletter Spring/Summer 2018   View PDF file »
Dumpster Combination  

The combination is 0513.  Hint to help you remember: this is the QCPOA P.O. box number with a leading 0.

Once you have the combination entered, push the lock as if closing, release it, and it will pop open. Please remember to re-lock it when finished.

Remember, only put non-hazardous household trash inside the dumpster. Collapse any boxes, No construction trash.  Leave nothing on the ground outside the dumpster.

Start of Water Project Construction  
2017 Balance Sheet   View PDF file »
2017 Profit and Loss Statement   View PDF file »
Board Meeting – August 31, 2017   View PDF file »
Board Meeting – August 4, 2017   View PDF file »
Fall 2017 Workday – new signs, moving OHV gate  
QCP Proposal for Engineering Design Services   View PDF file »
BOARD MEETING – JULY 5, 2017   View PDF file »
2017 Annual Meeting   View PDF file »
QCP Preliminary Engineering Report – Appendix F-K   View PDF file »
QCP Preliminary Engineering Report – Appendix A-E   View PDF file »
QCP Preliminary Engineering Report – April 13, 2017   View PDF file »
BOARD MEETING-MONDAY JUNE 19, 2017   View PDF file »
Water Report Cover Letter – June 2017   View PDF file »
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